Print Finishing Solutions Johannesburg

Print finishing can change the look and feel of your printed products completely. At Lithemba, we facilitate a multitude of print finishing services to suite all your budgetary requirements. Our highly experienced team works closely with you to ensure that your particular print finishing needs are met, right down to the finest detail. It is this vigilance that allows Lithemba to guarantee that no finishing jobs are ever too big or too small for us to handle. That’s what makes us the most trustworthy and reliable print finishing source Johannesburg has to offer.

Some of our Print Finishing solutions include:

  • Perfect Binding – refers to the application of adhesive to a number of gathered printed pages, resulting in these pages being bound together when the adhesive dries.
  • Embossing and Debossing – These print finishing processes either raise or indent parts of the paper to create texture and feel.
  • Lamination – This print finishing process includes encasing the printed product in a protective layer, usually plastic, to strengthen the item against various elements, like water.
  • Varnishing – Paper varnishes are applied to the printed paper to give it a smooth quality finish, helping to preserve it.